How we can help?

We have over 50 years of combined experience in advising, coaching and mentoring businesses, both in the UK and internationally.

Help 4 Business UK could be the only business consultancy you’ll ever need. We’re a multi-disciplined business consultancy offering one of the widest ranges of business services to new and existing business.

By undertaking a full scale business analysis, we are able to tailor our support to YOUR business needs.

Let us produce your strategy &/or do it for you. Our specialist teams produce cost effective professional results. Maybe your team will improve with more training, mentoring or coaching? Let’s check your needs.

Our associates have been selected by us to provide the best services to help your business succeed and grow to its full potential.

Business Health Check

westminster-20130215-00389r1Are you spending too much time ‘in the business’ rather than ‘on the business’? Quite often it’s the smallest things that can make the difference between success and failure. By carrying out either a full business health check or looking at individual areas, we can help you to identify problems and working with you, arrive at a solution than can take your business forward and achieve the growth you aspire to.



Strategy Planning & Implementation

road-to-successSometimes it’s hard to see which direction to go in. The destination is often obscured by too many signs, pointing you in the wrong direction. By having a clear and concise plan, and a strategy to implement that plan, we work with you and help you to succeed.


Business Sensing

business-sensing-tree-notesEveryone in your company has ideas and concerns. Talking to your team can be an invaluable insight. We can conduct an impartial, confidential review among the people in your business. Revealing the real landscape inside your organisation, often shows areas of concern that are easy to put right, and may result in an idea coming off the tree


Training & Workshops

training-and-workshopsWe can tailor and deliver workshops and courses that develop key skills and help people perform. From customer service & sales training, to team development & communication, we can deliver the appropriate training to help your business grow.


Business Coaching

business-coachingWe strongly believe that coaching needs to follow training, to consolidate the learning process and turn it into sustainable business habits and to reinforce core values in the development of individuals and teams.


Executive Mentoring

executive-mentoringManaging a business can feel like a lonely job, but having an independent, confidential ‘critical friend’ to discuss your business, can help you to become a better leader. Leading from the top is the best way to inspire and guide everyone in the company.

Team Engagement & Retention

team-engagement-and-retentionBy getting your team together, engaging with them out of the office environment, helps to develop better understanding of each other, and how best to work together under different challenging conditions. By working together and building lasting collaborative relationships, members of the team are less likely to leave, and help you to reduce recruitment costs by improving team retention.